BRPT - Accreditation: A Vital Step to Becoming a Leader as a Sleep Medicine Provider

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Course Description: 

Understanding our market and the competition within our market is critical to stemming the many influences, which may erode our success as providers.   As well, regulatory standards expect the integration of professional practice parameters, which are the basis for our programs to implement consistent diagnostic and therapeutic protocols.  Measuring effective outcomes for our patients is an expectation.   Coupled with these factors, is the need for us as practitioners to be recognized by our patients, peers, third party payers, and the community as providing evidence based care.  When we add the expectation for documenting and trending defined quality measures, it becomes necessary to have a matrix to coordinate the many facets of a sleep center.  Therefore, completing accreditation of the sleep center provides a structure to carefully define, implement, and monitor strategic variables of the successful sleep medicine program.  Accreditation is worth the time and energy required to be successful and sustain a profitable venture.