BRPT - The Importance of Billing and Coding Correctly In the Sleep Center

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1.0 Course Hour CSTE

Course Description: 

Understanding how to accurately code and bill for clinical encounters is critical to getting paid for services rendered, reducing risk for fraud and abuse, and making a profit.   Regulatory standards expect the integration of financial requirements and statutes that are the basis for compliance with coding and billing requirements.  Competency with these financial practices establishes credibility with peers, third party payers, and the community as providing services based on integrity and honesty.  When we add the expectation for appropriate documentation, it becomes necessary to have a core structure to coordinate the many facets of sleep center billing.  Therefore, integrating at a minimum, annual review of all billing contracts for requirements and changes, will contribute to the financial success of your sleep medicine program.  Completing this education is worth the time and energy required to be successful and sustain a profitable venture.